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[PV] lostage - SURRENDER

Now I present a song from the latest album of lostage known as "GO". Sounds like a typical fare from them, complete with ghostly vocals, airy melodic guitar riffs, and pretty solid drumming. Seems like their stuff has been leaning more and more towards this exact kind of soft yet foreboding sound since the days of "PLAY WITH ISOLATION". Maybe they're finding their musical "niche" so to speak or maybe their signing with major label Toy's Factory has something to do with it. Either way, if you like the song, I do recommend checking them out.

Okay, so lots of things have been happening since I last posted. I did end up going to Akihabara with Dobby. We mainly just explored the place, but we did end up visiting and eating at a maid cafe. I have to say that it was even more interesting/fun/awkward than I had thought beforehand. The both of us got a combo meal that came with a picture with the maid that served us. And by picture, I mean getting up on a stage in the middle of the establishment in front of all the other customers and doing cute poses with the maid while wearing things such as cat ears. Needless to say, you can imagine how crazy it is. I mean, we even had to repeat a cute chant with our maid as she served our drinks and food. Again, interesting/fun/awkward.

Not much has happened since then. I have noticed that my legs are getting ridiculously sore the past couple of days. I guess that means I've been doing an equally ridiculous amount of walking, which doesn't really surprise me I guess.


P.S. I took my placement test today. I did well.

P.P.S. April Fools! I didn't do so well. :(


  1. Aw! Sorry to hear you didn't do so well on the test. :/ I know that bums you out, but at the very least you're still taking courses over there and that's much more than a lot of people who are stuck in the States can say. So you're still very lucky, mister. :) Cheer up.

  2. I really wasn't that bummed out about it. Was being pretty sarcastic with that sad emoticon. I actually felt more of an "oh well".

    But, thanks for the kind words, madam. Always appreciated. <3

  3. While wearing cat ears, did you cover your mouth and laugh "ku kuku kuku ku"?


  4. I actually got stuck with bunny ears. And the maid who served us chose our poses for us. So, no. :(