[PV] Base Ball Bear - Kamigami LOOKS YOU

Newest single from power pop band Base Ball Bear. Is it just me or do they use an acoustic in this song? And is it just me or does vocalist Yuusuke Koide sound ever so slightly different than usual? Well, either way, I always find it interesting that the band was actually originally an Oasis cover band, because I think you can hear the connections between Oasis and Base Ball Bear musically pretty clearly. This could be why they are oh so popular with the Japanese kiddies. It could also be the fact that their bassist Sekine Shiori was in the film "Linda Linda Linda". Also, yay for zombies.

First week of classes went good I have to say. Haven't exactly been doing the best in Japanese so far. Been struggling a bit on kanji dictations for no good reason. I will say that it has been a lot of fun in class, and I feel like I'm getting much better with speaking. The other classes I am taking on Japanese culture both seem interesting so far. (Contemporary Urban Society and Japanese Pop Culture, for those interested.) Not looking forward to the papers I am going to have to write on those classes though.

As for the weekend, I went to karaoke with a bunch of friends last night. T'was fun albeit a little more expensive than I thought. And today, I got to travel to Narita for the Taiko Matsuri (Japanese Drum Festival). Very fun. Got to eat quite possibly the best unagi (eel) that I've ever eaten. Also got to see the sights around Narita which I have to say was very nice. The temple that the festival was located in was complete with Buddhist shrines, waterfalls, koi (and a random mallard), and that is not even mentioning the actual performances by the taiko players. Good times.


P.S. My first concert in Japan is on this coming Wednesday. Impressions coming soon!

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  1. This video is pretty sweet. Dude, when are you ever online or whatnot. We need to chat.