I'm Doing Alright Sugar

[PV] Fujifabric - Sugar!!

Newest single from prog/funk/disco/etc. rockers Fujifabric. I have to admit, when I first heard this, my first reaction was "Wait, this is Fujifabric, right?" Vocalist Shimura Masahiko sounds so soft in comparison to the songs on "TEENAGER". The song is also very synth-heavy, even more so than "Passion Fruit". It's not until the chorus first hits that the typical Fujifabric sound starts to pop out. The band has also made another look change apparently, with Masahiko looking more and more like BUMP OF CHICKEN's Motoo Fujiwara with his long straggly hair. I do have to say that I approve of his new guitar choice. Also, the video is pretty standard for Fujifabric with the inclusion of yet another random dancing girl.

So classes are now in session (since Monday). It's been pretty fun in Japanese class so far, but I can already tell that the word load is going to be killer when we start getting into the thick of things. We're just reviewing right now and, while I am thankfully not struggling with the stuff we are going over (I know most of it), it's gonna be fun when we go even faster and start going over completely new material for me. But, I have to say that the teachers are fun (even though Kinoshite-sensei totally picked on me all of the last class for no reason) and I know that I'll definitely get better this way.

In other news, I was able to get some tickets finally for some concerts I'm interested in. Let's see, I got tickets for:

- the band apart @ Shin-Kiba STUDIO COAST on 4/15
- HIBIKI ROCK FES. 2009 @ Shin-Kiba STUDIO COAST on 5/6

Also planning on getting tickets for these shows when the tickets become available:

- Fujifabric @ Zepp Tokyo on 6/7
- Base Ball Bear @ Hibiya Open Air Arena on 6/27
- OGRE YOU ASSHOLE @ Shibuya O-NEST on 7/10
- Suneohair @ Shimokitazawa GARAGE on 5/22
- lostage @ CLUB QUATTRO on 6/26
- VELTPUNCH @ Shibuya O-NEST on 5/2

So should be a fun 3 months. Hopefully.



  1. がんばって! We both know why you're REALLY in Japan... J-Rock.


  2. haha REGINALD! i'm so proud/jealous of you right now. i bet you don't miss us at all!

    but i'm glad to hear that you're doing well! keep posting those photos... it was hilarious to read about the penis festival in the news and then see your account of it right away :P