Native Dancer vs Native

[PV] Sakanaction - Native Dancer

A song from Sakanaction's third (and latest) album "Shinshiro". Sakanaction is a new-wave/alternative rock band that has recently started to become popular in Japan over the last couple of years. And judging from the sound of "Native Dancer", it's pretty easy to see why. This accessible and catchy electro-pop tune really beckons comparisons to other hit artists both in America and Japan. The video's pretty entertaining too.

Osashiburi desu ne. Apologies for the long wait between entries this time around. It was tough to find a new video to post up and not a whole lot has been going on lately. Classes are (already) starting to become a blur. It's hard to believe that Golden Week is coming up next week. Don't really have any major plans for Golden Week. I might be heading to an onsen with some friends. I also know I'm planning on going to a couple shows in Tokyo during Golden Week. On the upside, I will be saving more money than if I went to someplace major like Korea or even Kyoto. Also, my parents gave the "OK" to go ahead and sign up for the trip to Okinawa that IES is doing at the end of next month. So, that'll be fun.

I guess the other news is that I recently was able to get a guitar from the Shimokura Secondhands guitar shop in Ochanomizu. ~$100 for a used guitar ain't half bad. Plus, over the past couple of weeks, I've been aching to have a guitar with me, so I can have something to do while I'm bored in my room. And now, I do. BTW, for those interested in the specifics, the guitar I got was an Aria Pro II MAGNA Series. [Pic] Fun.


P.S. More and more, I'm noticing how often I get mistaken for Japanese. Awesome.


  1. Sweet deal. You going to bring the Aria back?


  2. @SolHavoc: Of course. Not sure how that will turn out, but I'm gonna try.