[PV] 3nd - SSK

The newest from instrumental/post-rock band 3nd off their debut full-length album "world tour" which was released last month. The band demonstrates strong comparisons to their Japanese peers mudy on the Sakuban and té, with an emphasis on powerful yet technically sound rhythm sections. I also picked this, because I feel the video also definitely fits the mood of Halloween.

Speaking of which, today should be fun. Planning on dressing up and going out to karaoke later on tonight with the suitemates and Gek, who I haven't seen in a while. Speaking of the suitemates, we recently decided to switch our band name from the unoriginal Double Tap to the utterly awesome Icekimonians. All thanks to our bassist and his inability to properly identify ethnic backgrounds.




Clean Room, Clean Life

[PV] People In The Box - Monday / Clean Room

One of the songs off the recently released "Ghost Apple" mini-album, the latest from People In The Box. It is a very light-hearted yet sensitive ballad in spirit, very similar to the kind of music they normally produce. Similar to the accompanying video, the song is very simplistic, but still somewhat stunning to listen to.

Life is a many splendored thing. I'm not going to lie, it's been tough going recently. A lot of things have come up that have been difficult to deal with. But, I really feel like I've gotten my second wind and things are finally returning to normal. Classwork is starting to become a chore per usual, but I do feel much more determined to do better than I usually do. LSATs are coming, but I feel I'll be much more prepared this time around. Work is starting to become more regular and I look forward to some of the prospects that might come in the future. Overall, I feel a lot more satisfied with the way things are going.

And, as luck would have it, now is the time I start getting sick. Living in close proximity with already sick people is the perfect recipe for such a thing I suppose.



Reborn Yet Again

[PV] Good Dog Happy Men - Born Again

The newest single from rockers Good Dog Happy Men. I really have to keep up with bands more often, because I did not even know until now that what was a 4-piece band got cut down into a Quruli-like 2-member band. Apparently, the band lost their second drummer Daichi Itou and their bassist Yuuki Nirasawa earlier in April. Because of this, the sound of the band has transformed dramatically. Previously a much more folk-based band that was unique in its dual drummer formation, the newest material from GDHM seems like a return to the more traditional rock sound that was found in both current members' previous band BURGER NUDS. While I was a fan of the previous work from BURGER NUDS and this song is a definitely a solid one, I am a bit disappointed I won't be able to hear more folk rock stuff from GDHM.

It's funny how life can turn things around so quickly. After much deliberation and contemplation, I recently decided to do a complete 180 and not apply for JET. There are many reasons why I came to this decision, but the main one is that I really want to be able to spend more time with my girlfriend. So, I suppose the plan now is to really push for law schools. I've already researched a bit into it and have a plan. Just going to have to hope my parents accept my decision. I wonder how things will go in the future now, but I can honestly say that I know I'm making the right decision.



Wasted Green Festival

[LIVE] the band apart - I love you Wasted junks & Greens

Yeah, I know it's nothing new from the band apart. In fact, this'll be the first time I post a footage from a live performance rather than a PV on this blog. It's been a little difficult to find new things to post here lately. Also, it's about that time where video from the performances at ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2009 start popping up. This includes Fujifabric and awesome footage from POLYSICS.

One of the reasons why it might be harder for me to post new things is that I just recently started writing for SparkPlugged. I will admit it is nice writing for a website again, especially in a way that is pretty similar to what I do here. Hopefully, if everything works out, I'll be able to write for them on a regular basis. You can find my first two articles for SparkPlugged here and here.

Not a whole lot has been going on besides that. Still working on my JET application and still considering my backup options in case that doesn't work out. Mostly likely will end up applying to a few law schools to satisfy the parents. School is definitely starting to become a pain in the ass though as midterms are starting to rack up. I have three of them coming up this week with more projects/papers on the way. I really can't wait until school and all its related stuff is over.



Rodeo Clown

[PV] Suneohair - Rodeo

The latest single from the solo artist Suneohair. I haven't really been a fan of his last few singles and his last album "Birthday" was mediocre. But, even though the video is very simple, the song has a solid main guitar riff and could indicate a more-than welcome return towards the better material in "Kanashimi" and "Skirt". Speaking of better material, Suneohair recently released a best-of album in celebration of his 10th anniversary as an artist. It is simply called "Best".

It is kind of funny how relationships can get complicated all of a sudden. Although, I will have to admit that I instigated a lot of that complication, it's been kind of a rough patch for me and Michelle lately. We have been able to talk it out thankfully and things are looking up. Really just got to keep your chin up when you're in long-term long-distance relationships.

Anyways, in other news, the band is still coming along nicely. We are currently working on three songs and still deciding things. But, I'm looking forward to the future. Also, as an aside, I might restart my career in music journalism as I've been exploring the possibility of writing for the website SparkPlugged. SparkPlugged's editor-in-chief Shay has been kind enough to let me join their squad over there and I'm looking forward to contributing what I can to their site.

Here's looking forward to the future. (Oh shoot, JET applications start next week.)