Reborn Yet Again

[PV] Good Dog Happy Men - Born Again

The newest single from rockers Good Dog Happy Men. I really have to keep up with bands more often, because I did not even know until now that what was a 4-piece band got cut down into a Quruli-like 2-member band. Apparently, the band lost their second drummer Daichi Itou and their bassist Yuuki Nirasawa earlier in April. Because of this, the sound of the band has transformed dramatically. Previously a much more folk-based band that was unique in its dual drummer formation, the newest material from GDHM seems like a return to the more traditional rock sound that was found in both current members' previous band BURGER NUDS. While I was a fan of the previous work from BURGER NUDS and this song is a definitely a solid one, I am a bit disappointed I won't be able to hear more folk rock stuff from GDHM.

It's funny how life can turn things around so quickly. After much deliberation and contemplation, I recently decided to do a complete 180 and not apply for JET. There are many reasons why I came to this decision, but the main one is that I really want to be able to spend more time with my girlfriend. So, I suppose the plan now is to really push for law schools. I've already researched a bit into it and have a plan. Just going to have to hope my parents accept my decision. I wonder how things will go in the future now, but I can honestly say that I know I'm making the right decision.


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