Clean Room, Clean Life

[PV] People In The Box - Monday / Clean Room

One of the songs off the recently released "Ghost Apple" mini-album, the latest from People In The Box. It is a very light-hearted yet sensitive ballad in spirit, very similar to the kind of music they normally produce. Similar to the accompanying video, the song is very simplistic, but still somewhat stunning to listen to.

Life is a many splendored thing. I'm not going to lie, it's been tough going recently. A lot of things have come up that have been difficult to deal with. But, I really feel like I've gotten my second wind and things are finally returning to normal. Classwork is starting to become a chore per usual, but I do feel much more determined to do better than I usually do. LSATs are coming, but I feel I'll be much more prepared this time around. Work is starting to become more regular and I look forward to some of the prospects that might come in the future. Overall, I feel a lot more satisfied with the way things are going.

And, as luck would have it, now is the time I start getting sick. Living in close proximity with already sick people is the perfect recipe for such a thing I suppose.


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