Wasted Green Festival

[LIVE] the band apart - I love you Wasted junks & Greens

Yeah, I know it's nothing new from the band apart. In fact, this'll be the first time I post a footage from a live performance rather than a PV on this blog. It's been a little difficult to find new things to post here lately. Also, it's about that time where video from the performances at ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2009 start popping up. This includes Fujifabric and awesome footage from POLYSICS.

One of the reasons why it might be harder for me to post new things is that I just recently started writing for SparkPlugged. I will admit it is nice writing for a website again, especially in a way that is pretty similar to what I do here. Hopefully, if everything works out, I'll be able to write for them on a regular basis. You can find my first two articles for SparkPlugged here and here.

Not a whole lot has been going on besides that. Still working on my JET application and still considering my backup options in case that doesn't work out. Mostly likely will end up applying to a few law schools to satisfy the parents. School is definitely starting to become a pain in the ass though as midterms are starting to rack up. I have three of them coming up this week with more projects/papers on the way. I really can't wait until school and all its related stuff is over.


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  1. I wish you got to write more for each of the articles, but both singles were cool, so that makes up for it. Hope to read more in the future.