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[PV] Suneohair - Rodeo

The latest single from the solo artist Suneohair. I haven't really been a fan of his last few singles and his last album "Birthday" was mediocre. But, even though the video is very simple, the song has a solid main guitar riff and could indicate a more-than welcome return towards the better material in "Kanashimi" and "Skirt". Speaking of better material, Suneohair recently released a best-of album in celebration of his 10th anniversary as an artist. It is simply called "Best".

It is kind of funny how relationships can get complicated all of a sudden. Although, I will have to admit that I instigated a lot of that complication, it's been kind of a rough patch for me and Michelle lately. We have been able to talk it out thankfully and things are looking up. Really just got to keep your chin up when you're in long-term long-distance relationships.

Anyways, in other news, the band is still coming along nicely. We are currently working on three songs and still deciding things. But, I'm looking forward to the future. Also, as an aside, I might restart my career in music journalism as I've been exploring the possibility of writing for the website SparkPlugged. SparkPlugged's editor-in-chief Shay has been kind enough to let me join their squad over there and I'm looking forward to contributing what I can to their site.

Here's looking forward to the future. (Oh shoot, JET applications start next week.)


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