Buffalo Trance

[PV] a flood of circle - Buffalo Dance

The single off "BUFFALO SOUL", which was the first major album release by the alternative rock band a flood of circle. The band claims influences from blues and 70's hard rock, but, as you can hear, it's been really pop-ized, so to speak. "BUFFALO SOUL" does have some other decent songs on it, and, if you really like bands along the same lines as NICO Touches the Walls, it is a pretty good pick-up. My main problem with it is that I just can't stand it when bands decide to fill half of their album with utterly bland and practically interchangeable pop ballads that offer nothing memorable out of them. I understand that this might be due to their relatively recent signing to major label Victor Entertainment, but it ultimately takes away a lot of the enjoyment I could have had with the album.

For some reason, as I am contemplating over it now, it is difficult to place how the past week has been going. Lots of stuff has been going on, I suppose. Progress on the band is being made. We added another member and are currently working on hammering out the three songs that we've been practicing. Also thinking of band names, new songs to learn, and other logistical issues, but, again, progress is being made. Also made a little visit to the school Career Fair. Kind of turned out to be sort of a waste of time, but still got to talk to JET people, which was nice. Gonna be fun when I get to start the application process on that. Also gonna be fun when all my mid-terms start rolling around in the next few weeks. Enough fun to make my head explode just thinking about it.


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