[PV] SpecialThanks - You Say GOOD BYE

SpecialThanks is a pop-punk rock band that has been making a bit of noise lately. This song is off their debut mini-album "SEVEN COLORS". The band also surprisingly been getting a lot of buzz including from Japanese punk-rock icon Ken Yokoyama (Solo artist, creator of PIZZA OF DEATH RECORDS and previously a member of the Japanese punk rock band Hi-STANDARD for those who did not know). SpecialThanks has also been getting noticed in America, participating in SXSW 2009. Makes sense seeing as their sound has some obvious American pop-punk influences. Feel free to check 'em out if you like.

Not gonna lie, the last couple of days have been quite a blur to me. A wonderfully amazing blur, but a blur nonetheless. Let's see, I've moved into my dorm near Higashi-Funabashi station on the JR line. It's pretty nice, but I really need to get out to some konbini and get a few things. Namely a towel (which I forgot to pack apparently) and some laundry lines for my room. Drying my clothes in my room is gonna be fun (aka not so fun). I guess the reason I haven't done all this stuff yet is because I've been stacked with a smorgasbord of both fun things and orientation things over the past couple of days. Let me list some of the things I've done already:

-Izakaya (Japanese-style bar) with some of the fellow IES students in my dorm
(Hooray for getting totally buzzed 2-3 days after getting to Japan.)
-Karaoke party that lasted about an hour w/ Dobby, Griffin, Jacquie, and Lindsay
(Hooray for train schedules messing with "normal" party schedules.)
-Exploring the most amazing koen (park) in Makuhari w/ Dobby, Griffin, and Jacquie
(Hooray for staring Japanese children, lots of stray cats, koi, and more awesomeness.)

And much much more. And did I mention that today I might be making a trip into Akihabara? Until next time.


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  1. Glad you made it to Japan and is already having a blast. Don't forget about that towel.