Pride of the 1989 Marines

[PV] the pillows - 1989

Newest song from the famous Japanese power-pop/alternative-rock band the pillows set to be released in their upcoming compilation album "Rock stock & too smoking the pillows" in June. As some pillows fans have been quick to say, I have to agree that this probably has to be one of the best songs that the band has released the past few years. You can really feel the emotion in this song, especially as it comes to a close. The touching animated story that was created for the PV is such a great compliment to the song as well. Definitely looking forward to seeing them here in Japan next month when they hold their 20th anniversary tour.

Whoa, the last week has gone by pretty fast. Haven't really done too much. I did end up going to a Chiba Lotte Marine baseball game yesterday with a couple of friends. It was pretty fun. For me anyways, probably not so much for Marines fans as their team lost in pretty terrible fashion to the Saitama Seibu Lions (18-0 in their home stadium, ouch...) much to the disappointment of Griffin who had bet me 20 yen that they could score at least one point by the end of the game. Fun times either way, and it was interesting to see a Japanese baseball game after going to a few in America. There was an awesome fireworks show during the 5th inning, I think, and the cheering sections in particular were definitely very entertaining to watch.

Well, don't have too much planned in the near future. I will be going on the IES program trip to Okinawa in about a week and a half. Probably gonna try and pick up a new DS before the trip as I've been holding off on getting it for a while, and it'll be useful to have as a kanji dictionary and obviously the games. Ooh, I also got that MO'SOME TONEBENDER/MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS show at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM coming up next week, which should be hella fun. Yay.



  1. New Pillows.. Ooo. That's an interesting PV and the song is pretty emotional too. I hope to hear the new album. Do you know if there will be another instrumental track?


  2. Well, it's pretty much a "best of" album. So probably not.